Massage helps reduce pain, anxiety, and improve quality of sleep!


Yoga reduces stress, increase flexibility, fitness level, and helps with a variety of health conditions.


Applying lavender essential oil helps to improve mood, feel more relaxed, and perform math computation faster!


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist(LMT) in New York State and certified in the State of New Jersey. In 2008, I graduated from the Swedish Institute, one of the most prestigious massage schools in the country.

After many years working “behind a desk” as a paralegal in a busy law firm in New York City, I decided to study massage therapy in order to interact directly with my clients. My practice focuses on a fusion of two styles, the Western approach(Swedish Massage) and the Eastern approach(Five Elements of Shiatsu). Both are explained in detail under the Services section.

I am also well trained in massage for clients that seek pain management or suffer from anxiety associated with certain physical conditions and the massage is not only to be enjoyed in a SPA setting but also in hospitals, nursing homes, and for all those who can benefit from it.

My commitment to my clients is to provide a healing experience and demonstrating the true benefits massage can bring into your life. My ultimate goal, however, is to become a facilitator, allowing his clients to find their own balance, inner peace, and feel improvement not only in their body, but also in their mind, and spirit.
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